Spoonie Parenting

Sudocrem disaster 

I often reminisce, now that my kids are getting older and I’m less able to do things because of my MS.  It is heart warming and bittersweet at the same time.

So I thought I’d add in some regular throwback photos to look back on. The first is of my little boy covered head to toe in Sudocrem. I just remember a call coming from upstairs after bed time – ‘I’m nice and clean now Mummy!’ Hubs and I looked at each other, knowing something was amiss, and this is what we found:

How can you be cross with a face like that?  I reckon we got off lightly – not like this clip I found on YouTube of the peanut butter baby

Do you have any incriminating evidence of your kids?  One to keep for when he is 18!

Jen 2

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