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Falling for Autumn

Following on from my most recent blog post, describing the hidden, more emotional MS symptoms that I have, I thought that it would be nice to focus on something a bit more happy and positive.  I have just managed to get through a weekend of taking care of the kids by myself whilst hubby was away, including a trip to school this morning in the bright autumn sunshine… and it made me think of how much I LOVE autumn.

I was born in Canada and lived there until I was 12 years old.  I distinctly remember the fall season; the smells  (bonfires, chimney smoke, the smell of crisp air), the sounds (crunchy leaves underfoot), the sights (amazing, vibrant orange, red and gold trees), and the tastes (warm apple cider, maple syrup tapped straight from the tree).  Where I am in the UK doesn’t quite match up with how I remember Canada being in fall, but it is still definitely my favourite season by far.

So, in the spirit of not dwelling on the negative, I thought that it would be a good thing to focus on all the lovely things to do this season – maybe if I am feeling a bit down I can choose something from the list to make myself refocus and appreciate the little things.

Long walks (or in my case, scoots) through the autumn leaves, then back home for hot chocolate or more likely the pub for a glass or two of red wine


Cosy fires

Snuggling under blankets for movie afternoons on cold and dreary days

The smell of burning leaves

Halloween cooking and crafts with the kids

Cosy socks and jumpers

Home baking using lovely spices such as cinnamon, cloves and allspice 

Bonfire night


Warm spiced autumn drinks and desserts

Book reading and crocheting


Taking the time out to stop and enjoy the little things to help you refocus and appreciate what you do have as opposed to what you don’t is an important and necessary aspect of healing and self-care.  I now know that I will be doing this weekend with the kids when Aidan’s away again.



10 thoughts on “Falling for Autumn

  1. Jenny, I have been thinking we should write a proposal to Radio 4’s Woman’s hour and ask if they will do a feature on being a disabled mum? I have a friend who used to work for woman’s hour and has lots of contacts. Are you up for it????!!!

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  2. What a lovely post Jen, funny that! i was going through same emotions today. I got my scooter and i went into town and it made really happy the fresh air, the leaves falling from the trees, and the lovely sunshine we had today. I love going full speed with my scooter, shame it can not go any faster 😳.


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