My MS Story

One of my first posts! Explaining about my MS diagnosis almost 23 years ago and how it has progressed.

Tripping Through Treacle

So, I was a normal 13 year old girl, attending school, making new friends following an across the sea move from Canada and basically just getting on with being a teenager.

When I couldn’t see the basketball hoop at school, I had no idea that this was the start of something really scary, life changing in fact.  I just thought that I needed glasses – what other reason would there be for the hoop to look fuzzy?  I must have mentioned this to my parents – cue LOADS of different tests, including one where I was able to miss school (yes!) and have electrode type things put all over my head whilst, I am guessing, the doctors looked to see what my brain was doing.  I still remember sitting in the car on my way home from that appointment, picking away at the glue like stuff stuck in my hair…

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2 thoughts on “My MS Story

  1. Hi Jen. I love your blog, you seem like an awesome person and I relate to a lot of your MS story even though I am a 47 yr old guy from West Michigan. My MS story involves a basketball hoop and optic neuritis too, only I was married to a beautiful girl whom I later divorced, was in my 30s, playing basketball outside in the sun when my vision went funny. I just shot the ball towards the rim and hoped for the best. I was not the best player on the court and I probably missed half the time anyway.
    I saw the nurse practitioner the other day, I seem to get along with her better than the neurologist, and we decided to wait until June for yet another MRI and then possibly Gilenya. I too have been following OMS since my SPMS diagnosis in April, 2012. I took Copaxone and Tecfidera, both for about a year each with no positive effect on the MS and no prescription medications for about 2-3 yrs now. I took the motorized scooter at the grocery store for the first time a couple weeks ago, walk with a cane and am thinking about getting a wheelchair for those particular situations when I think it might be beneficial.
    Thank you for blogging about your life with MS. For some reason, you are my favorite MS blog out of about the 2000 (or so it seems) I have run across since becoming an avid internet user. All the best to you and yours. I hope your family does something nice for you for Valentine’s Day.


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    1. Hi Johan and thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me to hear that you find it a helpful blog to follow; it does sound as though we are at the same stage in our MS. And how interesting that the basketball hoop figured in both our stories!

      I have just bought myself a scooter which I hope is going to bring me a bit of freedom on my upcoming holiday to the States.

      Wishing you all the best 🙂



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