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Being a Prisoner to Chronic Illness

A brilliant post by Rhiann from My Brain Lesion and Me about the isolation and loneliness of chronic illness.  I completely understand how she feels, though it makes me feel very lucky indeed that I can still manage to get out of the house, perhaps not so easily or regularly or to do the things the ‘old me’ used to enjoy, but I can nonetheless.

I really understand her feelings about feeling ‘different’ from everyone else.  Please have a read:

My Brain Lesion and Me

Having experienced symptoms associated with the neurological condition I live with, I have always felt like I’ve never fitted in anywhere. Like Belle, from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ I have always felt that others’ looked down on me, thinking of me as odd and different, just like the villagers in the classic Disney film.  Both Belle and the Beast are outsiders in the movie, both harbouring feelings of loneliness and it this that I have resonated with over the years and perhaps one of the reasons it remains my all-time favourite film.


Often, I feel that I don’t fit in with my own family; a jigsaw piece that doesn’t fit in with the puzzle that it was meant for.  Of course, I have had made friends during my thirty years, but just like the seasons, they have come and gone.  I have been bullied by so called friends, or otherwise ostracised by my…

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