I have been going through a particularly stressful patch of late…I won’t go into the details of why, but lets just say that health, relationships and work all play a part – I am aware that I am not always a ‘fun Jen’ to be around at the moment.

My stress manifests itself as feeling wound up and anxious. Things that I can normally handle with ease really get to me.  Like the fact that I have to repeat myself several times in order for the kids to carry out simple tasks, like brushing their teeth, or setting the table, or putting their shoes away.  Things they should be doing automatically anyway.  Ahhhggh!  Just thinking about it stresses me out!

I suppose the good thing is that I am able to recognise that I am feeling this way and can therefore try and do something about it.  My problems aren’t going to go away, but focusing on ways to help me deal with them, will help.  And this is where the lovely Twitter and Facebook communities come in (follow me @TrippingTreacle and here on Facebook); you can always rely on some great suggestions on how to try and overcome stress and, yes, self-care is at the core of it.  I know, I know, that ‘buzzword’ again.  But, to be honest, I think that self-care is so important for anyone who is struggling day-to-day.

“Getting a bit of fresh air and a short walk” – Surviving Life’s Hurdles @SLHurdles

“If its bedtime I ❤️ some essential oils in my diffuser, an eye mask & some calming Indian flute music Helps me sleeps about 90% of the time” – Felisha @felish_a

“I find those adult colouring-in book things really help me to destress…” – Mal ‘Pram’ Kiely @lancelotspram

“Some really gentle yoga?  Or just doing some nice things for the day.  I find sudokus and puzzles help as well” – Dizzy @dizzythedonkey

Other ideas were watching Billy Connolly on You Tube and relaxing with my head on a pillow and Classic FM on in the background.

I love all of these ideas… and it might just be a case of adapting some of the suggestions.  I used to deal with stress by exercising – going for a run, or dancing in a club.  Nowadays, I might not be able to run or dance, or even walk far, but I can get out on my scooter into the sunshine.

For me, meditation plays a huge part in relaxing.  I do this via yoga (I like Yoga with Adriene, which I adapt), as this helps me to focus on my breathing.  I also use the  Headspace app, or listen to short meditations on You Tube.  Over the past few days I have been upping the time that I have spent meditating, focusing on my breathing and just appreciating being in the moment.  It has definitely helped me to feel calmer with the kids and with life in general (trying to appreciate the ‘little’ moments and not get too caught up in it when things aren’t going to plan).

So, even though the stressors are still there, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who gave me some ideas on how to try and overcome it.  I am now going to do some yoga, sort out the washing (tidy house, tidy mind and all that!) and have an afternoon of rest and relaxation.

Jen 2


5 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. Jen, I understand and I think everything your doing is wonderful. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. I always found with my MS i woke up and it was downhill from there. By 7-8 o’clock right in time for kids to go to bed, I was done so it became super stressful. I was big on rewards and bribes lol. I think you are doing the best things for yourself and I give you tremendous credit….it isn’t easy.

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