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Netflix, Crochet and More…

Hi all!

Just thought that I would write a quick catch up to to let you all know what I have been up to… which is not very much outside of the usual!  Sometimes that is enough though, right?

I am still at work (three days a week) and that pretty much takes it out of me, so I have been a bit lazy in regards to keeping on top of things like yoga workouts and recipe making.  I can feel the difference in my legs, in that they are much stiffer – it is funny how you don’t realise how much things help before you stop doing them, isn’t it?  So I need to try and get myself in the habit of at least getting back to doing a few simple stretches before bed.

We are a little bit up in the air at the moment in regards to our house; as regular readers will know, we are having our our kitchen re-done, which means that we are currently living with a half ripped out kitchen and loads of crap necessities all over the floor.  For someone with a mobility problem, it isn’t the easiest thing to live with!  But the joiner is coming on the 2nd of December and the plasterers and electrician before that, so the end is in sight, I am pleased to say.  My husband has been fab at trying to keep everything in boxes but we really do have a lot of random rubbish that we need to get rid of.

Us, 12 years ago

One positive this week was the fact that it was my husband’s and my 12th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  Luckily it was my day off work, so we decided to treat ourselves to a lovely meal out at a countryside upmarket pub.  I feel a bit guilty as I went off my normally plant-based diet and had a portobello mushroom, caramelised onion and goat’s cheese burger, it was sooooooo good.  My body obviously wasn’t used to the cheese though, as I ended up feeling rough for the rest of the day, with a bit of an upset tummy, so I was pleased to get back to my normal eating the next day.  Twelve years though!!  Although I was diagnosed with MS before we were married, I don’t think that either of us thought that we would have to deal with what we have been coping with over the past six years, since my symptoms have significantly worsened.  MS now impacts on everything I do, which means that my family are affected as well.  Chronic illness can definitely challenge the most stable couple – and I am so lucky to have my husband; he is my rock.

hat making

So, in between work, kitchen sorting and our anniversary I have pretty much been lying low; a few nights out to watch my son compete in some swimming meets, but mainly lounging on the couch, crocheting scarves and hats and binge watching Netflix.  We have watched both The Sinner (thank you for the recommendation Rhiann!) and Mindhunter (FBI agents delving into the world of serial killers), both of which were fab.  I would love to say that I have been getting organised for Christmas but I haven’t really thought about that yet!

Really hope that everyone is well, I know that there are a few of my online MS friends going through relapses and tough times at the moment, so I just wanted to send virtual healing hugs to you all xxx

Jen 2

Cover photo: Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

21 thoughts on “Netflix, Crochet and More…

  1. Congrats on your anniversary!
    I’m glad to hear things are moving forward with the kitchen (totally understand the amounts of crap/necessities, it just multiplies like rice!) and that there’s an end in sight… not much longer now, and it’ll all be worth it!
    Those are the two series I’ve just watched myself too – they were pretty good. Definitely a decent distraction from Christmas, which I don’t want to think about until at least December 1st, if not December 32nd… 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. Glad all is good your end…you’ve been busy which is great to hear, lots going on. And happy anniversary again!. :). Enjoy the chaos, and enjoy your new kitchen when all done hopefully in time for Christmas. Have a good rest of the week, and thanks for the hug…right back at ya. 🙂 Toni. x

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  3. Happy Anniversary Jen! Sounds like you had a nice day as well! I am glad to hear your renovation project is going well! You are such an amazing and caring person sending out hugs to the people you know are dealing with flare ups! I hope you are feeling well and resting when you know it is what your body wants! I hope the rest of your week goes well! Oh and you crocheting is beautiful! I can only do blankets and scarfs, I have no idea how to make hats yet.
    Much Love my dear!!

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  4. Aww, Happy Anniversary to you both ❤️ I’m glad you had a lovely lunch out. I’m the same if I come off my “normal” diet, I really pay the price, but like you say sometimes it’s worth it! Especially on such a special occasion! Hope you get the kitchen finished soon. I can imagine it’s driving you a bit crazy, if you’re anything like me! I bet it’ll be so worth it when it’s all done. Crocheting and Netflix sounds perfect. Sometimes we just need those times to relax everything a little xxx

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    1. Thank you Emma and sorry for the late reply, I have been a bit stressed by the kitchen! Luckily my husband has admitted defeat and we are going to go and stay at my parents’ house for a few days, I’ll be glad to get away from it for a bit 🙂 Planning on doing lots of crochet and netflix 🙂 xxx


  5. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! And that’s some nice crocheting! I used to do a lot of crocheting but haven’t for a while, I’m trying to get back into it as it’s a nice activity on a winter’s evening, and good for mindfulness as well!

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    1. Thank you Rachel 🙂 I definitely feel like it helps with mindfulness, in fact I have just written a bit about that 🙂 Unfortunately my daughter just told me that, though she likes the hat that I made for her, she doesn’t want to wear it as hats aren’t ‘cool’, Grrr! xx


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