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18 Gifts for Friends Who Might Need a Bit of TLC

The holiday season is now upon us and, if you’re anything like me, you are still on the hunt for those last few pressies. Below are my pick of gifts for those loved ones in your life who may be feeling under the weather, perhaps due to illness, stress or just general life busyness.  I should add that these are all of my own personal picks and I have not received any commission for any of my choices!

A lovely pair of comfies – this may be a soft pair of pyjamas, a cosy tracksuit or even a cuddly onesie… nothing’s better than changing out of jeans and slipping into something warm and soft.


A gorgeous candle with a delicious scent to help them relax – I love this one by The White Company:img_4621

A tray and some lovely teas to sip and savour in bed.


A lavender eye mask to rest and relax.

A cosy blanket – or even an electric blanket – to keep out the chills.

A voucher for a mobile masseuse/nail technician/holistic therapist to visit the house and give your friend a treat in the comfort of their own home.

Sweet treats to indulge in when only chocolate will do:choc

Puzzles and board games for those days that they want a spoonie-friendly activity.

A subscription to a magazine or to audiobooks so they can always have something on the go.

Headphones to enjoy those audiobooks in peace, to listen to favourite music or just to drown out the arguing kids!

A hot water bottle or electric heating pad to cuddle up with.

A self care treat box – with a good book, a nice new nail polish, a must-have box set or new DVD, some nicely scented wipes and some posh dry shampoo.


An electric massager to help ease those aches and pains – I use mine under my tight legs to ease the spasms.

A bouquet of flowers through the post as a fantastic surprise – I love flowers from Bloom and Wild.

A Bearhugs gift(a pre-selected box of gifts) to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

A treat that is so nice ‘they wouldn’t buy it for themselves’ e.g. a lovely facial oil or a nice bottle of alcohol for them to savour.


A cleaner for a day to give their house a top to bottom clean (make sure you know the person you are buying for well, so they don’t get offended!)

New craft supplies if you know they love to paint/draw/knit/sew etc


I hope that this has been useful!  I know that, for me, my favourite part of the holiday season is just spending time with family and making the most of having time off work to try and relax.  I love seeing the kids have fun and catch up with their cousins – and I am relishing this year as I think that this is the last year of believing in Father Christmas for my 10 year old.  He asked me the other day and I managed to fob him off a bit about believing in the ‘magic of Christmas’ but I don’t think that will cut it for much longer!

I thought that I would finish by sharing this fab ‘kindness’ advent calendar that you can see (free download) on the website for Bear Hugs Gifts:

bearhugs+random+acts+of+kindness+advent+calendar I thought that this was a lovely idea of how to give a gift for very little (if any) money 🙂

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

Jen 2

Cover photo credit: Photo by on Unsplash

16 thoughts on “18 Gifts for Friends Who Might Need a Bit of TLC

  1. Lovely ideas for all types of people and budgets. I’ve never tried a White Stuff candle before, will have to check those out as we have a store in town, I’ve just (shockingly) never been in! Such a sweet kindness calendar download too 🙂

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