Counting My Spoons

Many people with a chronic illness will have heard of the 'spoon theory'; the idea that you start your day with X number of spoons (i.e. the energy needed to complete a task) and that every activity in your day uses those spoons up. It goes something like this : Start my day with 12… Continue reading Counting My Spoons

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It’s a Family Affair

Having MS is sh*t.  There is no two ways about it and no one will convince me otherwise. Has it made me (mentally) stronger? Perhaps.  But I would happily trade a 'strong' MS mentality for a weak, blancmange-like one, if is meant that I didn't have to deal with this. One of my biggest worries… Continue reading It’s a Family Affair

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Ok, today, a bit of yoga, courtesy of Yoga with Adriene. An important part of the OMS lifestyle is keeping active, and my favourite (and easiest!) way is through yoga.   In an ideal world, I would be going to the gym, to work the little muscle I have, but three days at work this week means… Continue reading Ommm


My MS Story

So, I was a normal 13 year old girl, attending school, making new friends following an across the sea move from Canada and basically just getting on with being a teenager. When I couldn't see the basketball hoop at school, I had no idea that this was the start of something really scary, life changing… Continue reading My MS Story

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Dodgy legs and no energy…

One of my biggest hurdles is trying to be a 'good' mum when I feel awful.  My left leg drags, I trip up constantly and some days I wake up feeling more tired than I was before I went to bed.  I am sure that any parent with MS, or any other chronic illness for… Continue reading Dodgy legs and no energy…

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My First Post

I have finally bitten the bullet and started a blog, courtesy of advice and support from my friend Bek at Dillydrops. I had been thinking of starting a blog for ages, I have loads of things whizzing around my head and I thought that it would be cathartic to get it all down. Ultimately I… Continue reading My First Post