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A very chocolatey chocolate cake

It was my birthday on Friday and I had THE BEST chocolate cake - 100% OMS friendly - low in saturated fat, dairy free, vegan.  And yum.  I mean seriously yum. This is the third year in a row that I have had this cake for my birthday and I'm not complaining.  It tastes rich, decadent and… Continue reading A very chocolatey chocolate cake


Blogger Recognition Award

A massive thank you, to Shannon from MSnubutterflies for nominating me for The Blogger Recognition Award.  As a new blogger, it means so much to me that other writers are enjoying my blog. The rules of this award are: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Write a post and display the award. Share in your post a… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award


It’s getting hot in here….

Unfortunately, not in the way Nelly meant back in 2002.  I mean as in boiling, sweaty, red-faced hot. Like lots of people with MS, the weather affects me in a major way.  Cold weather makes me stiffen up, but heat is the worst.  It even has a special name, Unthoff's phenonemon, which good old Wikipedia… Continue reading It’s getting hot in here….

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A Letter to My Kids

Dear Alex and Ava, This letter is to tell you a little bit about me.  I can hear you saying, 'What?  We already know everything about you.  You're our Mum!'  But, the thing is, you don't.  Well, at least not fully.  Because the person that you see isn't 100% the real me. The real me loves dancing.… Continue reading A Letter to My Kids

Spoonie Parenting

Out of the mouths of babes…

My daughter and I play a game called 'Would you rather?'  - think along the lines of 'would you rather have pizza or ice-cream?', 'would you rather have no teeth or no eyebrows?' or, the most recent one, 'would you rather have a nose or no eyeballs?'... Hmm, not that difficult a decision! The other… Continue reading Out of the mouths of babes…