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My life has changed immeasurably over the past 10 years.  This time in 2007, I was relatively newly married, working full time and just enjoying my evenings and weekends with hubby with no cares in the world.  Fast-forward to 2017 and instead of being a happy-go-lucky newly wed, I am a 30-something disabled wife and mother,… Continue reading Then:Now


Night Life

I often feel like I have another life.... one that I can only access when I am asleep. Although I can sometimes feel frustrated about the amount of time that I spend in bed, it is needed for me to be able to function and feel vaguely human, as many who have chronic illnesses will… Continue reading Night Life


My MS Story

One of my first posts! Explaining about my MS diagnosis almost 23 years ago and how it has progressed.

Tripping Through Treacle

So, I was a normal 13 year old girl, attending school, making new friends following an across the sea move from Canada and basically just getting on with being a teenager.

When I couldn’t see the basketball hoop at school, I had no idea that this was the start of something really scary, life changing in fact.  I just thought that I needed glasses – what other reason would there be for the hoop to look fuzzy?  I must have mentioned this to my parents – cue LOADS of different tests, including one where I was able to miss school (yes!) and have electrode type things put all over my head whilst, I am guessing, the doctors looked to see what my brain was doing.  I still remember sitting in the car on my way home from that appointment, picking away at the glue like stuff stuck in my hair…

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Two More Blogger Awards!

How lucky do I feel?!  I have been nominated for another 2 blogger awards by two brilliant bloggers, who both write interesting and informative posts about what it is like to live with chronic illness.  It has taken me a while to respond to the nominations, as I am trying to fit blogging around my… Continue reading Two More Blogger Awards!

Healthy Living with MS · OMS

Reflections on OMS

Brilliant post by She Dances With Spoons – all about the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis lifestyle ✨🌱💪

She Dances with Spoons

The universe has a benevolence that wantsus to live

As I sat there, a single face among a group of 37 other MS warriors, I became transfixed by the sentence. Here I was listening to the harrowing, sometimes gut wrenching but ultimately hope-filledstory of our facilitator’s life that brought her to that very point in time, and that single sentence decided to glue itself to my heart – Tarzan grip style.

In that moment I felt hope.

I greeted hope for what she was; the ship that had carried me this far without me acknowledging it until that point, thinking I was really being moved along by sheer grit.

Hope is the single most powerful and intangible gift I took away with me from the Gawler Foundation’s Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis retreat in the Yarra Valley.


The tools , knowledge and awareness I had consumed throughout the week had equipped…

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