An Update: 10 Days on Tecfidera

I thought that it would be useful for those potentially starting down the Disease Modifying Drug (DMD) route for me to have a quick update on how my body (and mind!) are coping with the Tecfidera. I started just over a week ago, initially on the lower dose of 120mg twice a day, then moved… Continue reading An Update: 10 Days on Tecfidera


A New Phase

I am about to start a new phase of my MS journey.....a full 25 years after my first MS symptom, I am about to start a Disease Modifying Drug (DMD) called 'Tecfidera'. Will I have to inject myself?  How is it going to help me?  What will the side effects be?  I had all these… Continue reading A New Phase

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Falling for Autumn

Following on from my most recent blog post, describing the hidden, more emotional MS symptoms that I have, I thought that it would be nice to focus on something a bit more happy and positive.  I have just managed to get through a weekend of taking care of the kids by myself whilst hubby was away,… Continue reading Falling for Autumn


The Hidden Symptoms of MS

It has been a while since I've blogged; my recent time has been taken up with work, a European city break, birthday planning and, let's face it, a great deal of rest and sleep (needed after those other things!) I really want to blog more regularly and consistently, but to be honest I am finding… Continue reading The Hidden Symptoms of MS