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I am THAT Mum

So, it's finally happened.  I have been waiting for it to happen ever since I noticed that my dodgy legs were getting in the way of me taking the kids to school. Some background: for the first couple of years that Alex was at school, I was able to to rush out the door with… Continue reading I am THAT Mum

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Sudocrem disaster 

I often reminisce, now that my kids are getting older and I'm less able to do things because of my MS.  It is heart warming and bittersweet at the same time. So I thought I'd add in some regular throwback photos to look back on. The first is of my little boy covered head to… Continue reading Sudocrem disaster 

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Back to school guilt

Is it only me, or did the Easter holidays go on foreeeeeevvvvvvvvver?! My two only went back today - cue last minute reading, sorting out PE kits and a sudden rush to make sure we have food in to make packed lunch.  In theory, I had the past two and a half weeks to sort… Continue reading Back to school guilt

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Sometimes only chocolate will do….

This weekend I haven't been able to stop thinking about chocolate... I blame Easter, seeing my kids surrounded by Cadbury's eggs - and the fact that I love chocolate and it is the one thing, along with cheese, that I still crave.  As I follow OMS, 'normal' chocolate is off the menu, so finding recipes that satisfy… Continue reading Sometimes only chocolate will do….